Sunday, July 21, 2013

NTC launches unlimited plan for WiMAX

Nepal Telecom with its new  service of WiMAX has launched unlimited packages for customers.

Now we can download the big files without worrying about bandwidth. However the unlimited package is available only on two speed/rates. First one is 256 kbps which will bring more competition among 256 kbps package of worldlink and broadlink and another one is 2 mbps package, which is of course targeted for corporate customers.
Nepal Telecom is also providing 30% discount for first three months for 256 kbps packages.
The rates for unlimited packages are as follows

WiMAX Unlimited Package

Data RateMonthly Tarriff Rs.DiscountDiscounted Price Rs.
256 kbps150030%1050 (First 3 months)
2 Mbps9300-9300

The discount is available only for limited period as said in the advertisement banners of WiMAX.
Note: The price above are exclusive of taxes, it means additional price is to be paid for tax.
I don't really know about the speed and stability of WiMAX service but it is still expensive than most of the ISP of Nepal. We can get the same speed of 256kbps from another  ISP at about 80% of cost of WiMAX.

Nepal Telecom is also providing 50% discount per "Single Place" per VDCs of Nepal but it should be recommended by VDC and discount is available only for 256kbps package. It means if you want to get 50% discount then you should be residing in VDC (Not in municipality) and have a recommendation letter from your VDC, and discount is available to only one person per VDC.

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