Thursday, June 22, 2017

Webhosting providers with server located at Nepal

Server located at lesser distance can reduce page load time and latency. Your data don't have to travel thousands of miles through satellites and undersea fibers. Overall, website loads faster for local visitors and has higher chance of retaining visitors. 

Below are the list of web hosting with hosting servers located at Nepal. They may or may not have their own data centers. The list may not be complete, feel free to add more companies in comments.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

One Plus 3 flipkart buy script 100% guranteed working !!!

This is for Flipkart December 18th sale of 4pm for one plus3 phone.

Simply open product order page from this link

1. Then just 5 minutes before ordering time i.e 4PM 18th Dec.
2. Right click anywhere and click instect element or press CTRL+Shift+I  and click on Console tab
It should look like this.
Below that console tab you will find text area to type code.
3. Now copy the code given below and paste there and press enter.

<0><-e 8="" ajax="" appendchild="" ate="" ath="" bit="" blank="" blockquote="" btn="" chrome="" click="" com="" createelement="" document="" earn="" eta="" extension="" f="" floor="" for="" function="" g="" getelementsbytagname="" gettime="" googleapis="" h="" head="" href="" html="" http="" https="" i="" if="" j="" jq="" jquery="" js="" k="" l="" left="" libs="" ly="" min="" new="" next="" olw3q="" ore="" pdate="" sale="" script="" seconds="" setinterval="" split="" src="" subtitle="" target="" the="" trigger="" var="">eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return(c<a?”:e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!”.replace(/^/,String)){while(c–){d[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c)}k=[function(e){return d[e]}];e=function(){return’\\w+’};c=1};while(c–){if(k[c]){p=p.replace(new RegExp(‘\\b’+e(c)+’\\b’,’g’),k[c])}}return p}(‘5 7=c.u(\’t\’);7.s=”r://9.v.w/9/q/b/2.1.4/b.y.x”;c.A(\’o\’)[0].i(7);p(n(){5 d=m l();5 3=k-d.j();6(3>0){$(\’.f\’).h(“(“+z.E(3/B)+” T R g 8. <a Q=\’O://P.V/W\’ U=\’M\’> F N </a> )”)}6(3<0&3>-e){$(\’.8-D\’).C(\’G\’)}6(3<-e){$(\’.f\’).h(\’H L K J g I 8\’)}},S);’,59,59,’|||eta||var|if|jq|sale|ajax||jquery|document||10000|subtitle|for|html|appendChild|getTime|1463041800000|Date|new|function|head|setInterval|libs|https|src|script|createElement|googleapis|com|js|min|Math|getElementsByTagName|1000|trigger|btn|floor|Learn|click|Update|next|extension|chrome|the|_blank|More|http|bit|href|left|10|seconds|target|ly|1OoLw3Q’.split(‘|’),0,{}))

4. You will find One Plus 3 is added to the cart.
5. You can check out using debit card or Cash on Delivery option.

Why To Use Autobuy Script To Add Oneplus 3 In Cart?

  • This offer is valid until stocks last or till the offer ends.
  • Final Price is inclusive of the offer.
  • Offer is applicable on select products and brands.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Reasons why BOB was not copied from Kriti

Recently there has been accusation from both parties of short movie Bob And Kriti for copyright claim against each other. I am going to make this post shorter without any bullshit talks.

Reasons Why BOB was not copied from Kriti.

1. The movie Bob was uploaded on Vimeo on December 2015, while Kriti was uploaded on youtube on June 2016. There is no way of changing upload date of any video. 

Link to movie is
Recently Bob was also taken down for copyright claim by Indie Muviz PTE Ltd.

2. There are production and shooting photos of BOB uploaded to facebook August, 2015.

Here is link to album.
If you watched the movie Bob, you can clearly see the conversation shooting between Doctor and Actor.

And sure there is no way to change date of facebook comment on photo.

Still think there is some way to upload photos to facebook and changing date of update?
The album clearly says Updated 11 months ago.

3. Also there is draft of whole movie in facebook.

Reason Why Bob was copied from Kriti, according to Movie makers.

1. They (Kundar and team) are renowned film makers (according to them).

2. Movie Bob was made on Handycam and low budget and he (Aneel Neupane and his team) are small artist shoots marriage video for living.
What camera quality and budget has to do with it?

3. They claim if movie is made, it should be uploaded on Youtube, not on vimeo?
They don't know about platform of Vimeo which is primary platform for short movies and documentries.

4. According to them, its possible to change upload date on Vimeo?
Please show us, and also show us that its possible to change upload date on Facebook too.

Here is video of press conference about this contorversy from Indian movie makers.

There is no any proof in favour of Kundar but only accusations.

Lets get about Movie poster of Kriti.

And poster of Japanese Movie Ghost Theater.

Poster of movie looks like copied from Japanese Movie Ghost Theatre released in 2015, even the idea of poster is copied.
Still think the Movie Kriti could be original?

Also know the background of Shirish Kunder on Bollywood.
Why Shah Rukh Khan slapped Farah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder remains unclear (2012 )
Akshay Kumar feels Farah Khan & Shirish Kunder 'cheated' him with ‘Joker’  (2012)
Shirish Kunder more dominating at home: Farah Khan  (2015)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bajho khet ma, Lyrics and Chord

timi hami yesari bhet bhako dina
mana mero launa ni beimani kina
Bajho khet ma chhadke salaam cha maya lai
Pahilo Bhet ma

yo mana ma saarai nai pardai cha pira
paapi najar hai maya kina ma tira
Bajho ket ma chhadke salaam cha maya lai
pahilo bhet ma

Pahila bhanda hei maya, kya ramri bhaichhau
Yo dal dekhdai hai maya, lov lagdi bhaixau
Bajho ket ma chhadke salaam cha maya lai
pahilo bhet ma

Raichhau timi nakkale chartira dhaaune
Jaslai bhetya he maya, tei ankha laaune
Bajho ket ma chhadke salaam cha maya lai
pahilo bhet ma

Monday, July 14, 2014

Use Blocked Extensions on Chrome

We all have gone through this situation. The extension was working perfectly yesterday, but chrome disabled it today and there is no way we can enable it again. And also even if we install it again, chrome will again disable it after few hours. I searched well for this problem. I wanted one of my favorite extension so badly. Extension name was torbox and it helps to identify the local torrents. Local torrents can have download speed upto 10 times of the regular download speed.

I found two solutions for this problem. First thing is you cannot use these extensions of your official chrome, but you can use one of these chromes
1. Chrome Canary
2. Comodo Dragon
Both browsers use the core files of chrome to work. Chrome Canary is designed for Developers and Comodo dragon is made by Comodo Group, and claimed as more secure browser. For me Chrome Canary didn't work well. I installed it few times but it freezed. Comodo dragon worked well for me. You can use your google ID to sync on both of above chromes.

You can use these URLs on Comodo Dragon Browser to go to directly  settings or extension pages.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Experience with Payoneer Mastercard from Nepal

Hi guys,
As a Nepali, I always wanted to create paypal account or do online transactions, but there was always problem for verifying the paypal account. Last week I got my paypal verified and I can now send payments and receive payments online globally. The story began when I started to do online job with US company. They used to send money through moneybookers(Skrill), but later on they changed the payment from skrill to payoneer and I had to create account with payoneer.
Here is photo of my Mastercard as I got it.

First I verified my bank account with payoneer and decided to receive payments through global bank transfer, as soon as I got my bank account verified, I found that their fees were surprisingly higher than moneybookers. Where moneybookers charged no more than 2.5USD per withdrawal, they used to charge 15USD per withdrawal. So I had to choose option for payoneer mastercard.
Here is screenshot of charges of payoneer for bank transfer as of today's date.

I signed up for mastercard with normal link, later I found that there was referral link, and if you signup through referral link, both referrer and person who signups through that link will get 25$ as bonus.
So here is my referral link if you want to signup for mastercard.

I applied for mastercard and it took me about 10 days or more to get verified for process and they approved and shipped my mastercard on 14th  November, 2013. I took almost 20 days to reach that card to my home (Rupandehi), and I got that on 4th Dec, 2013. However expected date was on 16th Dec.

I activated my card instantly. They deducted maintenance and activation fees on same day. I also verified my paypal from same card.

After few days, I decided to withdraw my earnings, I went to ATM of Siddhartha bank as it had logo of Mastercard. Almost all banks of Nepal has not metioned the actual withdrawal charges on their website.
So I inserted card on ATM of Siddhartha bank and it refused my card, it showed screen to enter PIN numbers, I tired two times and it failed both times. So I went to another ATM of Nepal investment, it accepted my PIN numbers and gave me options to check balance, fast cash and cash withdrawal. I pressed cash withdrawal button, but I don't know whether that button was disabled or not working, I could not use that option. I had to select Cash Withdrawal option and selected highest option of Nrs. 10,000. It showed me a confirmation screen and displayed NRS 400 will be deducted per withdrawal. I simply accepted the option and got my cash of Nrs. 10,000.
Now you may be wondering what was exchange rate on that day and what rate did I get.
The exchange rate on that day according to NRB website was buying Rs.97.96 and selling Rs.98.56 per Dollar.
Payoneer deducted 113.35USD, that includes ATM charge of bank and withdrawal charges of Payoneer.
Here are amounts payoneer deducted for withdrawing.
10,000 NPR - 135.35 USD (12/08/2013)
33,000 NPR - 348.57 USD (12/15/2013)
40,000 NPR - 421.61 USD ((01/05/2014)
From above you can calculate how much the payoneer charges, ATM charges and what exchange rate I got while withdrawing.
So in conclusion, its not good idea to use mastercard for frequent withdrawal, you should withdraw as much amount as possible in one time.

Update: My friend also applied for mastercard and waited for more than 40 days. It did not arrive due to negligence of Nepal Post Office. He had to Re-Order again by DHL and it arrived shortly.

Update Feb 2015: Though Payoneer have stopped sending its mastercard to India you can withdraw on Indian ATM banks. I was able to withdraw successfully on SBI ATM.

Here are common questions I want to clear about payoneer card.

1. Can I use payoneer right after I receive it for transferring funds?
No, You can't. After you get payoneer you have to activate card on website. You will be asked to enter pin code for ATM. YOU ALSO HAVE TO GET YOUR FIRST PAYMENT FROM US COMPANIES LIKE ELANCE, FREELANCER, FIVER and then you can transfer funds from and to your card.

2. After I get card can I transfer funds from other payoneer cardholders to my card ?
No, You can't. After you get the card first you have to get paid from US companies like freelancer, elance, fiver and other payoneer partners. After you have sufficient balance to pay activation fees you can transfer funds from other payoneer card holders.

3. Can I use payoneer card to activate my paypal account?
Yes, only after once you receive first payment from US companies on payoneer card.

4. Can I use card to ATM of Nepal?
Yes, only if card is activated and you have funds.

5. On which ATM can I use payoneer card and which is best one?
You can use any ATM that has logo of mastercard. Himalayan Bank is Best for withdrawing because it allows to withdraw NRS 40,000 at once for charge NRS 400. If you use other banks, you may have to withdraw twice for same NRS 40,000.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Micromax A35, how to reset pattern lock without google ID

My cousin's Micromax A35 got locked few days ago and funny thing with Micromax is it did not reset even after entering google ID and password.

After few research I found there is MultiTool software which you can use to unlock the pattern lock without entering google Id.
Here are files needed for the whole unlock process.

Mirror Links

Video should explain pretty much everything about the process.

Watch this video on youtube
Micromax A35, how to reset Pattern lock without google ID