Monday, November 4, 2013

Micromax A35, how to reset pattern lock without google ID

My cousin's Micromax A35 got locked few days ago and funny thing with Micromax is it did not reset even after entering google ID and password.

After few research I found there is MultiTool software which you can use to unlock the pattern lock without entering google Id.
Here are files needed for the whole unlock process.

Mirror Links

Video should explain pretty much everything about the process.

Watch this video on youtube
Micromax A35, how to reset Pattern lock without google ID 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bandwidth Limit on unlimited packages of Broadlink Internet

During some recent changes with website look and user's control panel, Broadlink has also changed in its one of the terms of Unlimited package. Now they inserted a term called "Fair Usage Policy (FUP)" under which speed will be rationalized once data allowance for each service plan is reached. It means now they are limiting unlimited by the limited bandwidth, which is bad news for downloaders. However for normal user, they may never exceed their limit. They also have this message on their website 

Broadlink may further rationalize your speed, suspend or cancel your service in each case without any prior notification.
The price of unlimited packages are: (Excluding tax)
Plans (Unlimited 
30 days
90 days
180 days
365 days
These Plans have a sharing ratio of 1:4
*  Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applicable.

256kbps: 25GB384 kbps: 38GB512 kbps: 50GB960 kbps: 100 GB. Thus, once the customer’s data allowance under that plan in which they subscribed has reached, their speed will be rationalized to the following: -Under this Fair Usage Policy, the usage allowance for each service plan is set as follows: -
256 kbps: 32 kbps; 384kbps: 48 kbps; 512 kbps: 64 kbps, 960 kbps:128 kbps.
Thus according to new terms, if you have 256 kbps plan you have limit of 25 GB downloads/uploads for that month and after the limit is exceeded your speed will be decreased to 32 kbps for the remaining days of  that month and so on for other packages.
 This may sound unfair for users because what they are selling is "Unlimited internet"  and they actually have limit on it. This also has bright sides, the user who is excessively consuming bandwidth and eating the overall bandwidth of network will be filtered by this new rule.
I have also noticed the speed of internet has increased by 75% to 100% by recent changes. I don't know the actual reason for greater speed, either they actually have increased speed or most of users are still facing problem to connect internet and I'm getting their speed.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dropbox "Public" folder not enabled by default

Dropbox has announced not to enable "Public" folders by default. Here are direct words from dropbox

Please note: New Dropbox accounts created after October 4, 2012 no longer have a Public folder.
However they have given a link by which you can enable public folder manually.
Here is the link 
In case the link no longer work, please browse to see further about it.

You can always share files with your friends by email address without using public folder. But public folder don't need any additional permission for access, anyone who has link to one's public folder can have access to his/her all contents of public folder without any permission.
There are more advantages of public folder such as Hosting Static Website on Public Folder.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

NTC launches unlimited plan for WiMAX

Nepal Telecom with its new  service of WiMAX has launched unlimited packages for customers.

Now we can download the big files without worrying about bandwidth. However the unlimited package is available only on two speed/rates. First one is 256 kbps which will bring more competition among 256 kbps package of worldlink and broadlink and another one is 2 mbps package, which is of course targeted for corporate customers.
Nepal Telecom is also providing 30% discount for first three months for 256 kbps packages.
The rates for unlimited packages are as follows

WiMAX Unlimited Package

Data RateMonthly Tarriff Rs.DiscountDiscounted Price Rs.
256 kbps150030%1050 (First 3 months)
2 Mbps9300-9300

The discount is available only for limited period as said in the advertisement banners of WiMAX.
Note: The price above are exclusive of taxes, it means additional price is to be paid for tax.
I don't really know about the speed and stability of WiMAX service but it is still expensive than most of the ISP of Nepal. We can get the same speed of 256kbps from another  ISP at about 80% of cost of WiMAX.

Nepal Telecom is also providing 50% discount per "Single Place" per VDCs of Nepal but it should be recommended by VDC and discount is available only for 256kbps package. It means if you want to get 50% discount then you should be residing in VDC (Not in municipality) and have a recommendation letter from your VDC, and discount is available to only one person per VDC.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unlimited moves on Candy Crush Saga

I never played Candy Crush till I had to install it on someone's tablet. After installing it, I just wanted to give a try, then I was instantly addicted and played upto few levels. Then I searched the game at facebook, I knew it was there as I was getting too many requests for this game. Anyway I need to win my friends and give them a challenge. Here's what I found was old trick of Cheat Engine. If you have have used cheat engine before, then you can already do it without tutorial below.

First I suggest you to use chrome to perform this trick. Download and install cheat engine from here.
All you have to do is change the moves left on game that is stored on your computer's memory.
I'll show by playing a level, Check out this video.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My First Blog Post

I really have no idea how do I begin. I've always wanted to do blogging. Before I had this personal domain on 2009, I signed up at blogger. There was not much to blog about. I was newbie on the internet, I used to read blogs and decided to start blogging but there was always something which kept me from blogging. Either it was hosting problem or lack of knowledge or I was not sure what to blog about or I was being too lazy, but I always thought I will start blogging soon.

Whatever the problem was, but I've decided to start blogging on any field of interest. This blog will be just like my diary of daily activities. No matter if the topic is about some technology or business, I will blog whatever comes in mind. This blog will not be for any earning or popularity(at least not for now), I will try not to include any advertisement. I hope my blog posts will solve someone's problems or enhance knowledge. I have my own server now, but I would like to stick with blogger. I know wordpress is the best  but I have some problems on this domain with my server. With the limited features provided by blogger, lets hope user interface will be good. I like simplicity on everything, I will try to make simple interface.

I also hope interested people to make contribution to this blog. I would also appreciate comments, I will be happy even if you point out any mistakes (including spelling mistakes).
Wow! here goes my first post.