Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My First Blog Post

I really have no idea how do I begin. I've always wanted to do blogging. Before I had this personal domain on 2009, I signed up at blogger. There was not much to blog about. I was newbie on the internet, I used to read blogs and decided to start blogging but there was always something which kept me from blogging. Either it was hosting problem or lack of knowledge or I was not sure what to blog about or I was being too lazy, but I always thought I will start blogging soon.

Whatever the problem was, but I've decided to start blogging on any field of interest. This blog will be just like my diary of daily activities. No matter if the topic is about some technology or business, I will blog whatever comes in mind. This blog will not be for any earning or popularity(at least not for now), I will try not to include any advertisement. I hope my blog posts will solve someone's problems or enhance knowledge. I have my own server now, but I would like to stick with blogger. I know wordpress is the best  but I have some problems on this domain with my server. With the limited features provided by blogger, lets hope user interface will be good. I like simplicity on everything, I will try to make simple interface.

I also hope interested people to make contribution to this blog. I would also appreciate comments, I will be happy even if you point out any mistakes (including spelling mistakes).
Wow! here goes my first post.

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